Eluvia in Sylvanas Cosplay

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I wonder, what is cosplay called in World of Warcraft? While you mull that over I will jump right in and share Eluvia’s Sylvanas in game cosplay with you all. I have had quite a few people whisper me in the game or comment on my screenshots on twitter about this outfit, and so I thought it high time to do a write up about it.

Quite convincing isn’t it? Most of the pieces are from the new Horde Darkshore Warfront set in mail, mixed with a few older pieces to complete the look.

Item List:
Head: Hood of fading opportunity
Shoulders: Blightguard’s Spaulders
Back: Cloak of the Royal Protector
Chest: Blightguard’s Harness
Hands: Gnarled Bough Gauntlets
Waist: Blightguard’s Girdle
Legs: Blightguard’s Legguards
Feet: Blightguard’s Footguards
Weapon: Ironfeather Longbow

Wowhead Outfit Link

I have had a fascination with the Dark Rangers in World of Warcraft for a while now, and the opportunity to have Eluvia kind of look like one of them or Sylvanas tickles me. I went back to Tirisfal Glades and then Silverpine Forest to take these screenshots which I think turned out rather well.

For those of you who have quested through Silverpine Forest, you know that a version of Sylvanas is in the camp behind Eluvia in these images. I just had to do what you will see next.

You can see that I chose a more adorned cloak that Sylvanas wears. I did this to match the bow and hood as I think they play off of one another nicely. I am aware that Sylvanas uses a bow made of bones, and there are a few available within the game that you could choose instead. For example: Striker’s Mark, Charmed Ancient Bone Bow, or even the Longbow of Trials. The Horde get this Deadshot Handcannon from the Warfront which matches the set, but I have never been a fan of guns, nor would it go with my cosplay idea.

Thanks for reading and if you have been wanting to make your own Sylvanas or Dark Ranger outfit, I hope this has helped you.

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