Eluvia’s Ode to the Val’kyr

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Transmog friends, much has happened since I last wrote a post. Within the world of Warcraft, as well as in our real reality, but thankfully we can still come together to enjoy some transmog!

How have you all been enjoying Legion? I have to be honest and say that I have been rather obsessed with the new Hunter sets that were released in Emerald Nightmare, and PvP season 1. (It was a bit disappointing that the Nighthold had the same looks, but that is neither here nor there I guess). I managed to collect 4 of the 5 colour ways pretty quickly, and have been mostly switching from one to the other.  *Gasp* It is shocking I know… such a change from my signature mix and match transmog ways. These sets are truly gorgeous though, and I was so happy to finally have a hunter set that I could be unabashedly in love with.

From left to right: LFR, PvP, Normal EN, and Heroic EN. I am missing the Mythic colouring which I like to call the Sylvanas cosplay set, because my guild was never able to get 20 people online to start trying Mythic. That is OK though, I will go back and get it eventually, because who can resist cosplaying Sylvanas, no one, I tell you.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, some months back (I know too long ago, sorry!) I tweeted a poll and asked everyone what kind of post they would like to see from me once I had time to write again. As I recall, the two highest responses were “Another Hunter mog”, and a “Sensational Strangers” post. Today I will be ticking off the first of the two, and will hopefully follow that up with an amazing stranger’s transmog soon.

Two things happened this week. (Well actually several more things happened this week with the release of patch 7.2, but I mean two specific things). I was able to finish the Trial of Valor quest and gave Odyn his 1000 pieces of those gold shiny things he wanted, and I played around with the inky black potion that can be bought during the Darkmoon Faire.  If you have yet purchased this marvelous invention, you have to drop what you are doing, visit the Darkmoon Faire and get one, or fifty.

Halls of Valor, with inky black potion in action. Eh? Eh? Gorgeous. I will circle back to this shortly, but now let me show you my new transmog.

Eluvia’s Ode to the Val’kyr

Head: Gorrog’s Serene Gaze
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Chosen Dead
Back: Cloak of the Chosen Dead
Chest: Mail of Screaming Secrets
Hands: Kvaldir Exult’s Grips
Waist: Withering Waistwrap
Legs: Warsong Leggings
Boots: Radiant Soul Sabatons

Bow: Huntmaster’s Longbow

It seems fitting to start the fight against the Legion on the Broken Shore with some Val’kyr might to back you up. The set from Trial of Valor is perfect for mix and match transmogs, and as you can see, I only used four of the pieces. There are many other cloaks that would suit this transmog as well, but I stuck with this one for now.  It was also nice to have a use for the Huntmaster’s longbow, bought in the Hunter Class Hall. It honestly looks like it was designed to go with the armour sets from Trial of Valor.

I chose to show you this closeup, not to shove Eluvia’s chest in your face, but to try and show you the magical glyph detailing in the shoulders. On the right shoulder especially, the glyphs scroll across the shoulder pad in a rather impressive manner.

I could not resist taking some screenshots of Eluvia in this transmog while playing with the inky black potion in the Halls of Valor. The transmog colour scheme was just too perfect to pass up the opportunity.

I feel like there should be an angelic soundtrack behind these images.. “ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”.

As Eluvia resumes her responsibilities of leading the Hunter’s into battle against the Legion, I would love to see your transmogs inspired by the new Legion sets, or just the whole sets themselves. See you in Azeroth!

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