Full Metal Cutie – Socketshot is ready for Legion!

Greetings fellow Azerothians! I am so excited to be able to finally fully share this transmog with you. Those of you who have read my previous posts may recognize it, as I had shown it off as an idea I had come up with and saved to my Wowhead outfits page.


I have been dreaming about playing a Gnome Hunter with mech pets, years before it was a thing, or an announcement on Twitter. I am beyond ecstatic that I am now able to mix my favourite class, with my favourite Alliance race, AND on top of that mech pets exist. As soon as I was able I went and tamed all of the ones that are currently available, and finished off collecting the few items I still needed for this transmog.  I had leveled a Hunter on Wyrmrest Accord which is the realm that I play Gnome on, and am a part of the guild <Gnomeregan Forever>. I leveled this hunter (Pandaren at the time, just to give that race a whirl) with the hopes that one day she would be race changed into a Gnome, and this year that day came. Hooray!


Meet Socketshot, my cute, bad ass, pink haired awesome gnome hunter (and Scrapjaw behind her). My main idea behind making this transmog was that I wanted it to feel gnomish, and incorporate the feel of engineering, because that is the trade she practices.

As you can see the shoulders are a recolour of the hunter tier 5 and flash lightning. The gun emits steam, light, and has a spark. The belt is a wheel that turns and sometimes glows hot in the center. All of these moving pieces look as af they could have been constructed by an engineer to me. I chose the more simple goggles rather than one of the pairs made by an engineer because I liked this sort of blast goggle look.

socketshot.1 socketshot.2

There are many awesome mech pets that have been released with the Legion pre-patch, but I have taken a big liking to this wolf type mech. He is found in Gnomeregan, is called Friender and a light puzzle must be solved in order to tame him. The hunter must also be level 100.

socketshot.chicken socketshot.squirrel

I just wanted to show off the chicken and squirrel pet as well. These still need names so feel free to drop me a message if inspiration hits you!

socketshot.gun socketshot.gun2 socketshot.gun3 socketshot.shooting

Here are some action shots for you to see the mog from various angles and in (stop) motion. I will not list the items here and instead link you to my WoWhead page for this outfit HERE.  The only thing I will add is the cloak as I had not added one to the outfit page. It is the: Hollowblade Scale Cloak

Now I know that some of you out there might play a hunter, like this mog but not play a Gnome, and are wondering if this would work for you. I have to say, I went through the other races and this mog looks great on any race and both character genders. I will add some images below of races that are popular or stood out to me.

human.wardrobe nelf.wardrobe tauren.wardrobe troll.wardrobe

This Troll is especially effective because of the blue skin and hair tones that match the highlights in the gun and armour. undead.wardrobe

Who knew, even a forsaken can look awesome.\


I then went to sit in some flowers and just have fun to take a few nice screenshots. Scrapjaw and Boomer came with me. I cannot wait for Legion where I will be able to have two pets out with me at once. More mechs!  I have decided that Socketshot will start out as a Beast Master Hunter even though it is not considered a good spec right now. On my other raiding hunter I am a Marksman and it is actually more fun that the current Beast Mastery spec.  I am hoping that having fun with more mechs in Legion will help with the fun level. Really though, I just cannot resist the temptation and the hope for more cool images.

catsit.flowers cheer.flowers


I hope you enjoyed checking out this transmog with me. Please let me know if you have created a new transmog for your gnome hunter. I would love to see it!

Ta ta for now.




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