Sensational Strangers: Purple Druid

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It had been a while since someone’s transmog has stopped me in my tracks while hanging out in Azeroth. My luck changed today as I left an Ashran group that seemed to be filled with arguing children, and ran right into a wonderfully purple Troll druid. I did not get a chance to speak with them before they ran off, but I did get a few screenshots and am pretty sure I have a firm grasp on the item list. So, without further ado let me show off this druid for you all to see.


The outfit is wonderfully simple. I also love the fact that this player has included and used a tabard in a rather brilliant fashion.  Even though the tabard is covering the chest piece and shirt the player is wearing, I know the outfit would work just as well without the tabard.


As you may know I am not usually a fan of outfits that use a lot of older model armour, but in this case it does not bother me at all.

Item List:

Head: Grapeshot Hood
Shoulders: Puncture-Binding Spaulder
Back: Hidden
Chest: Darkmoon Vest
Shirt: Precious’ Ribbon
Tabard: Order of the Awakened Tabard
Hands: Bandit Gloves
Waist: Bandit Cinch
Legs: Warbear Woolies
Feet: Bandit Boots
Weapon: Ti’tahk, the Steps of Time


An action shot as the player ran off and I was unable to grab them for a chat.


I did end up finding them on the armory though after some detective work in my screenshots…. It was worth it to show off this pose in the outfit.

Well done to you Druid, and thank you for inspiring me to stop what I was doing and write up this post. If I happen to see you again someday I will be sure to let you know how great your outfit was!

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