Transmog for friends and other stories

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Today I would like to write a short post and share with you a couple of transmogs that I have made for other people, one that I threw together in preparation for Legion, and a PvP outfit I have for Eluvia.

For those of you who do not know yet, WoWhead now have a page where you can create, save and share outfits that you have created. Database > Outfits > Dressing Room.


I will be using links to the outfits I have created and saved there to show you these looks.


First up is a transmog I created for my guild leader. He plays a female troll druid and was looking for something a little different.  He did not really have any preconceived ideas of what he wanted, so I played around with things until this one was finished, and it was one that he liked.

I have named it Troll Druid – Green Bat on Wowhead, and you can follow the link here to see the item list. I had to leave the back piece off on WoWhead, as it does not render properly in the preview. The cloak is called: Drape of Gluttony.

I am not sure if my guild leader has ended up finishing off this look for himself, but he will always be able to reference it here should he want to!  I actually ended up liking this so much that I created a troll druid to level up. She is currently at level 71, but one day she will look fabulous!


The second person’s transmog that I would like to show off is a friend that I made through Twitter (@rvaliantine). She plays a female Tauren Shaman named Tandem, and was looking for something original looking for her character.  I was excited to pick up the challenge, and was ultimately really happy with the look that ensued.

This one I named Tauren – Dazzling Horn.  I loved putting these colours together, which you do not see very often on players. The bright blue accents really set off the whole outfit, and the helmet just really brings it all together. I feel that this is an outfit that looks really really great on a Tauren, but that other races would have trouble pulling it off.


I think we can all agree that Tandem looks amazing! I was so overjoyed when I saw this image and have got to admit that it was tempting to roll a Tauren!  She even improved the look a little with the belt that she chose called ‘Binder’s Chain of Unending Summer‘.


Some of you may know that other than playing my main Eluvia (an elf) I also play a Gnome on Wyrmrest Accord. I have always loved playing Gnomes, and wished for them to be able to choose the Hunter class, as it is my favourite. In the upcoming expansion ‘Legion’, this dream of mine will be a reality!  I was so excited when I found out that I threw together a quick steampunk Gnome Hunter Style that I would like to show you.


I give you my Steampunk Gnome – Ready for Legion!


Last but not least, I will quickly show off my PvP transmog that I was sporting on Eluvia until recently.  The best image that I can show you is from the Wallpaper that @Ariannasaurus made for me. She has some mad photoshop skills and creates wonderful images. I will show you a crop of the wallpaper she made for me, as it shows off the armour really well.

eluvia (1)

I did not have enough brain power to come up with a fancy name for this outfit on WoWhead, but Brown, Purple, Orange PvP will have to do.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a variety of things in this post. Have you dabbled and created transmog outfits using WoWhead’s system? Do let me know if you have! You can see the list of all the ones I have uploaded so far here.

Next time on Eluvia’s Transmog Gallery I shall be doing a Community Spotlight, possibly about two people. I hope you come back to have a look!

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