Eluvia’s Called to War Outfit

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Hi everyone!

I finally was able to finish off this transmog and I am excited to share it with you all.  You may remember that Eluvia’s last outfit was inspired by what I thought she might look like as a part of the Silvermoon ranger/hunter squad. Or how Sylvanas may have looked before becoming the banshee queen.  I had actually put it together on Mogit before seeing the skins that are available for Sylvanas on Heros of the Storm. I was smiling on the inside when I saw her blood elf ranger skin which also uses the blue and gold colour scheme.

Today I would like to share with you Eluvia’s new outfit which was inspired by how I thought she might dress after being called to war. I still wanted to keep some items that remind me of Elves and Silvermoon, and those of you who know your way around mail transmog items will notice that I have re-used some items in a different colour.


The belt, boots, back and legs are all WoD mail crafted gear that have been each upraded to give me the red colour scheme (except for the boots that have this colour scheme as the base model).  I was inspired to create this outfit when I received the shoulders which are a Highmaul Mythic drop.  I have been quite underwhelmed with most of the hunter gear from raids in this expansion, but I liked the details and design of these shoulders.

As you can see I went ahead and accessorized my hunter pet as well. I can just imagine sending Needle ahead throwing out quills and Eluvia following arrows flying. Oh, to be an artist so that I could draw this mental image!


Item List:

Head: Primal Gladiator’s Coif (this colour combination is Horde only. Alliance see here)
Shoulder: Spaulder’s of Reflected Stone
Back: Nimble Burnished Cloak
Chest: Chestguard of Unending Roars
Hands: Primal Combatant’s Chain Gauntlets (Also Horde colour)
Waist: Wayfaring Belt
Legs: Wayfaring Leggings
Boots: Wayfaring Boots
Weapon: Dagryn’s Discarded Longbow (this red version drops in normal and heroic Siege of Orgrimmar)


I had to take some faction specific screenshots for this post as two of the items used are from PvP and only available in red from the Horde vendors. For the Glory of Quel’thalas! (and all that).

You may notice from the last two close up screenshots that the shoulders have an animation. They go from still and cold looking to literally on fire! The wheel on right shoulder also spins.  In my imagination the fabric on the legguards and the cloak would open up and allow Eluvia to bundle up against the cold or camouflage in a very red forest. When you see the back view later on, notice the straps on the cloak that seem to be holding in some extra folds of fabric. These unfurled would probably make a great blanket. Or maybe it is a carry on tent? I hope I have not lost you all yet!



The red glow of the bow matches the gems on the belt and back piece beautifully. You may also notice some dragonception in the outfit. The shoulders havea dragon skull on one side, and the bow has two dragonlike heads at either end (could also be a strange wolf but I will go with dragon). I chose the chunky boots to keep her more grounded with the heavy bow that she is carrying, but also as the metal accents match the bow, shoulder and helm accents. I was given some constructive criticism in a transmog group that I am a part of on Facebook saying that maybe I should use more chunky gloves to balance out the boots. I personally dislike chunky gloves for my hunter though as I feel that they would get in the way of Eluvia’s shooting skills. I also felt that the other items used balance out the chunky boots. What do you think readers?

eluredmogit.2(Reminder to check out the straps)

I chose a bow for this outfit as that is my weapon of choice for Eluvia. There are however many other great weapons that you could pair with this outfit. I have chosen one crossbow and gun to show you, and will list some others that I think match rather well.

Crossbow: Felcrystal Impaler


Gun: Bloodmane Gun


Other weapons that i think match nicely (there are more than these but you can start here):

Bow:  Crystalline Branch of the Brackenspore (Mythic Highmaul version), Fang Kung, Spark of Titans (Heroic Mogu’shan Vaults)

Crossbow: Wild Gladiator’s Heavy Crossbow (PvP), Mouth of the Fury (Blackrock Foundry Mythic)

Gun: Wild Combatant’s Rifle (PvP), Kor’kron Hand Cannon (Siege of Orgrimmar Normal/Heroic)

Even though I put together this outfit with my blood elf hunter in mind, the transmog actually looks great on pretty much every other race as well! (Except female orc. The shoulders just do not work on them).







You will notice that I am only showing you Horde races here because of the two items I have used which are Horde only. I did have some fun though and look at this outfit on all the other races and it looked good across the board.

Thanks for reading everyone! If you have any comments or have been inspired by this transmog please leave me a message!

Also, if you would like to nominate yourself or a friend for my next Community Spotlight post please do contact me.  You can see my first spotlight guest Roxi in the link.

Ta ta!

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