Eluvia’s Thalassian Style

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Hi everyone! Thanks for coming to check out my newest transmog. I thought I would start off the post with a selfie, as I really love this fun addition to WoW.

This transmog is very nearly complete. I am still missing the weapon that I want to use with it, but after 6-7 weeks of farming for it, I just could not wait any longer to show this off and of course wear it!  I had mentioned in previous posts that I was looking for a kind of signature look for my Eluvia, and I think this might be it. Unless I manage to top it somewhere when more gear comes into the game.

I feel that even though it has my signature mix and match style, it gives her a Thalassian look befitting her race and class. These first images show off the outfit without a weapon. I will get into that a little more later on.




Item List:

Head: Hateful Gladiator’s Chain Helm
Shoulders: Wayfaring Shoulderguards (crafted and boosted to ilvl 655)
Back: Permafrost Cape
Chest: Hateful Gladiator’s Chain Armor
Hands: Corpse Scarab Handguards
Waist: Wayfaring Belt (crafted and boosted to ilvl 655)
Legs: Legguards of the Undisturbed
Feet: Wayfaring Boots (crafted and boosted to ilvl 655)



The weapon that I wanted to use is the Bristleblitz Striker that drops from Archimonde in the Hyjal raid. It has the perfect colouring and shape to set this outfit off. Unfortunately as I said at the start of this post I have not yet been lucky enough to receive said item from Archimonde. I will show you some Mogit images of the complete outift, and also some of the weapons that I think are good substitutes until I have it, or if some of you out there prefer crossbows or guns.

First off with the Bristleblitz Striker:


I cannot tell you how much I hope that I manage to get this bow soon, so that I can feel like my outfit is complete.

The Golemheart Longbow:


This one works well in colour, and has also yet to drop. It is a random drop from trash in 10 man Ulduar, and I guess I am very unlucky.



This is the substitute I am currently using until I get the Bristleblitz Striker.

For those who like Crossbows, may I suggest Legionkiller:


And finally for the gun loving hunter Shrediron’s Shredder (crafted from Engineering and upgraded to ilvl 675)


Those are in my opinion the weapons which match this outfit best, and I would even be happy to use any of them myself. I just happen to be a bow fan, and cannot get my first idea out of my mind, and so will stick with it.

Now, because this was fun for me to do on the post about my gnome I decided to show off this outfit on a few other races. I picked three of my favourites to show here, but really as I was going through this transmog looked pretty good on most everybody.


mogit.dwarfmogit.taurenThere is something I really love about this hood on the Tauren female. From behind it is a little bit less successful but worth it anyway I think.

I would like to make a mention and tip my hood to a new Twitter friend who made the banner that you see at the top of the page. Thank you to @roxiqt for making it! I hope you do not mind that I shall also proudly show it off here. If any of you are on Twitter, do go and give her a follow. Her posts make me smile every day.


In a fun role reversal I was the one being photographed by Roxi for the banner. I often do these sorts of shoots with people for the images on the blog. It was a good time.


Finally, what do you all think of this transmog? Do you also get the Thalassian vibe from it, or something else entirely? Which is your favourite weapon for this outfit? I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you again for coming by and reading.

3 thoughts on “Eluvia’s Thalassian Style

  1. Admin

    I have to say you have some pretty great looking sets and after having spent some time on this site looking through them I only wish we had found it sooner. Thank you for sharing your amazing transmog collections and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  2. Somarlane

    I like it very much. One of the best – and by that I mean fun! – parts of transmogrification are opposites, such as class (death knight looks like a paladin) or racial (an orc wearing the old Stormwind Guard NPC armor set). I do try to limit myself, though, so that I’m not overdoing a joke. Besides, I only have so much bag space. /weep

    There’s something to be said, also, about finding the outfit that best identifies the character. I never* felt the urge to make my mage look like a priest because 1) she is my main and my oldest character and 2) head canon – she strongly identifies with her tribe and race, even more so once she realized she actually was in love with Vol’jin (can you tell yet that I used to roleplay? heh). http://imgur.com/F6UIQgR – unfortunately this is an older screenshot that doesn’t include Nimar’s Tribal Headdress, which wasn’t made re-obtainable until WoD (via salvage crate). /sad

    * It turns out there was that one time, but I promise it was incidental! I built the look around my Zandalari robe (same appearance as Mooncloth Robe) and it sorta just… happened. http://imgur.com/FHvaz (Image title is self-aware sarcasm)

    1. Eluvia

      Thanks for coming by 🙂 I love the two looks you have shared with me here too and I totally understand the fun in doing opposites transmog as well ^^ I will have to explore that sometime with one of my characters!


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