Eluvia’s Temporary Transformation

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Eluvia has been in a sort of transmog rut lately. I have been working on two transmogs simultaneously for her, as they both require raid drops. The first of these i will show you today. I am still missing the helm that I wanted to pair with this outfit. As my guild is not currently raiding Mythic Highmaul anymore, and I have not yet had luck from a follower mission, I will show you the Mogit images that include this item.


This outfit is a mix of items across three different expansions, made up of raid drops, dungeon drops, quest rewards, world drops, and one from the Garrison.

Item List:

Head: Hood of Dispassionate Execution (Not yet obtained)

Shoulders: Wyrmstalker’s Spaulders
Back: Dory’s Finery
Chest: Ghostworld Chestguard
Hands: Rockhandler’s Gloves
Waist: Nazferiti Belt
Legs: Warsong Leggings
Feet: Steelmaw’s Stompers
Weapon: Vishanka, Jaws of the Earth



I enjoyed putting together this outfit that has mostly muted tones, but feels like Eluvia is ready to go out on patrol or an adventure through the wilderness. The style of the gloves looks Hunter/Ranger to me as it protects the forearms well from the bow string. The rest of the outfit also looks light enough to carry while scampering up cliffs, and the chunkyness of the boots (which is a model I like) grounds the character.

For a complete look, I chose the helm that the Butcher drops in Mythic difficulty in Highmaul.


elu.2togetherAs you can see here the eye glow in the skull helm comes and goes. When the eyes shine, they match this bow wonderfully. The cloak picks up all of the colours in the outfit, and reminds me of arrow tips. Maybe Elu has stashed some away in there?

Now this is not going to be the look that Eluvia wears for the longest period of time. I am working on another transmog for her which in my mind will give her the identity that will suit the personality I imagine she has. I have nearly completed that look, but the bow is a raid drop that still eludes me.


The happy dance I will do once the bow drops will probably be very similar to Eluvia’s… happy butt wiggle happy dance.


Thanks for stopping by to see my new transmog. I hope you enjoyed it! If you did please leave me a comment so that we can connect.  Until  next time, /wave.

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