Sensational Stranger: Monk

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Welcome to my second sensational stranger post. These posts are dedicated to player’s transmogs with whom I was unable to speak, but want to show off their Azerothian style anyway without revealing their character’s name. This lovely Monk was standing in Warspear a few days ago, and was AFK (away from keyboard). I was very interested in this striking purple transmog and decided that I wanted to share it here.


It is a great mix of old and new armour pieces, and they stand out beautifully against the blood elf’s pale complexion and hair.  I know that there can be some controversy around players that dress their characters in revealing attire, but I think that here it is quite tastefully done.

Item List:

Head: (not shown)
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Forgotten Gate
Back: (not shown)
Chest: Incendic Chestguard
Hands: Cindersilk Gloves
Waist: Scouting Belt
Legs: Ceremonial Leather Loincloth
Feet: Phoenix-Down Treads
Weapon: Head-Lopper Skullscythe



My pet wolf Dusk matches this transmog rather well don’t you think? It was refreshing to see a monk in an outfit that defies the stereotype. Well done to this sensational stranger!

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