Rogue Lorisper, the Stylish Phoenix

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Hello!  It is Friday the 13th!

Turns out it is a lucky day for me as I came across a beautiful transmog, and have graciously been allowed to write about it.

I was just hanging around Orgrimmar today while taking care of some “Love is in the Air” dailies (yay I got my pink tallstrider mount thing), when saw a glow in the distance and had to investigate. There I found Lorisper, gleaming in the center of town, and I started taking screenshots before I realised what I was doing.


I have never seen anyone use that weapon effectively in a transmog and so was instantly transfixed and quite frankly started checking Lorisper out.

Item List is as follows:

Head: Jewel of the Firelord (found in the in game shop)
Shoulders: Poisoner’s Spaulders
Back: (hidden so not mentioned)
Chest: Slayer’s Chestguard
Legs: Slayer’s Legguards
Waist: Eyeripper Girdle
Hands: Prospector’s Mitts
Weapon: Talon of the Phoenix (with the illusion: Fiery Weapon added)

This is an expertly done mix of current content armour, with older pieces and even a green mixed in. Not only is it hard to transmog the weapon effectively, but I have also rarely seen anyone transmog those store bought helms well. Kudos to you Lorisper for taking two difficult items and using them extremely well in one look.


Here is a closeup look at some of the pieces and the pretty glow.


Lorisper not only looks alluring because of all the glowiness, but also deadly and ready for action. Thank you again for allowing me to show off your style Lorisper!

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