Cyn PvP’s in Purple Stockings

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As I do most mornings, after having fed my little one and watched my morning TV shows which have become a sort of ritual, I log on to my computer to read through Facebook, Twitter, and usually World of Warcraft news from sources such as Wowhead (and also the previous two places).  This morning to my delight my Twitter feed also included @Metr0nova showing off her character Cyn’s transmog. I jumped at the chance to tweet her and ask if she would mind Cyn’s style being written about on my blog and now here we are.

As a little backstory about me on Twitter, I am relatively new to actually using my account there, which to my surprise when I went back to find it a few weeks ago was created in 2008. Who knew? I was one of those people who did not really understand why Twitter was actually pretty great or how it worked.  (Yeah I guess that is a sign of age or something?…) I now happily use my account to follow people who have common interests, are great artists or just funny and I am loving it.  (I also follow some newsy places like BBC so I stay in touch with the real word, even though I much prefer the fantasy worlds I spend time in, or the ones that sometimes appear within my mind).

Back to Cyn and her stockings!  The reason I chose this title for this post was because Metronova’s tweet read: Cyn’s official and outfits. I PvP in stockings 😀   So thank you Metronova for a good giggle and inspiring this blog post with that comment.


Here is Cyn in her purple stockings ready to go after the Horde in style. I love that these images (courtesy of Metronova) were taken in the Alliance garrison, at a time of day which complements the transmog so perfectly.

The item list is as follows:

Helm (not shown) – Primal Aspirant’s Plate Helm
Shoulders – Oathsworn Pauldrons
The mixture of old and new pieces is great and is something not enough people seem to do.  I also love that only the weapons have a glow which helps them stand out and look fierce.
Cyn’s PvE look is very similar but looks equally as fearsome in all the good senses of the word.
The item list is as follows:
Helm (not shown) – Truesteel helm of the Peerless
Again a great combination of pieces which I have not seen put together before in this manner, which looks very successful.  Cyn makes me miss my Night Elf so much that I might just have to find a place to create one and play one again.
Thank you Metronova for allowing me to show off Cyn’s transmog!

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