Krash’s makeover update

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I got some new shoulders in Highmaul Heroic last night, and they suit this transmog outfit even better colourwise, than the ones I was using from Zul’Aman.  So I have decided to show you the outfit again quickly, with these new shoulders added.

Shoulders: Living Mountain Shoulderguards


The grey/steel and dark green on these match the boots, back and bow a lot better than the shoulders I was using previously. I did mention in my previous post that they were a little on the burgundy side, and these just meld more seamlessly into the look.  I still get to keep the beast-like quality, even though here they do go towards looking like plate rather than mail.


Rawr!  The fire spitting is rather cool though. When on a flying mount especially, I now leave smoke trails from my shoulders. I guess Krash will never get cold again in her wintery Garrison.

What do you guys think? Better no?

As a hint…. I am working on my next Hunter mog to try and match to the bow from Highmaul Heroic. The – Crystalline Branch of the Brackenspore

Bye for now! 😀

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