Krash gets a makeover

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My husband and I have been playing WoW Stateside now for about 3 months (time flies people, for reals), and my main character Karashka finally has an outfit!  Technically it is her second because I did have her wearing the mail set you can get from the Warmill, but I mean, her first real set, put together from different items by myself (with some help from Mogit of course).


Wow-64 2015-01-15 11-52-12-62

I will give you the item list first and then talk you through the mog, or just spam you with images of it. Also as you can see I went to stand in a tree for the photo shoot…. I think I am missing my elf still. 😉

Head: Malefactor’s Eyepatch
Shoulders: Pauldron’s of Nalorakk
Back: Indefatigable Greatcloak
Chest: Mail of Crimson Coins
Hands: Time Twister’s Gauntlets
Belt: Tyrannical Gladiator’s Links of Cruelty
Legs: Zombie Walker Legguards
Feet: Greaves of Ruthless Judgment
Weapon: Siren’s Cry

Other weapons that also match (there are many that could):

Death’s Head Crossbow
Zod’s Repeating Longbow (25man)
Dead Eye Zakk’s Boomshooter
Veranus’ Bane (Might try a Steampunk inspired mog with this someday)



As with my night elf, I wanted to create something for my new Hunter that would give her a sort of personality. I am still getting acquainted with my new Hunter and it helps me bond with her. I know that sounds strange to some, but I do feel a sense of closeness to the characters I play, which is why I take so much time creating their appearance and choosing their names in character creation. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am an introvert, and a lot of stuff happens internally in my mind while I play games, read, daydream etc.

I started this mog with the shoulders. As on my new US account I no longer have access to my hard fought Pandaren Gold Challenge Mode transmog gear, I wanted to try and find some equally beast-like/hunter shoulders, and that is when I remembered these from Zul’Aman. From there I started looking for items that would keep with the style and colours on them. Granted the shoulders are a bit more of a Burgundy than the red of the pieces, but i think the boots and back piece pulls it all together.

On Wowhead people in the comments “complain” about the cleavage on the top I have chosen for this transmog. I agree that on the Draenei and blood elves this top comes off as a bit revealing, but I am not bothered by it on my strong Orc lady.  Plus it matches her new undies that she was given in Warlords. (the teeth)

Wow-64 2015-01-15 11-52-44-46


She has quite a cute and equally terrifying smile my Krash, does she not?

Now I know I had used the same bow in my last Hunter transmog on my elf, but I really do think it matches this mog perfectly. I added a list of other weapons that I also considered, the crossbow being top on the list which almost made it.

Wow-64 2015-01-15 11-56-13-96

While it also matches perfectly in colour, I am not a huge fan of the scary skulls. Heck the teeth even match… but yea. I think I will stick with the bow for now, and maybe switch it out every now and again for the crossbow.

The belt comes from PVP so I had to go and farm some honour points to buy it. Frustratingly I have learned that in the US the Alliance is the strong PVP side (at least on my battlegroup), where as in the EU the Horde tends to trample the Alliance. Oh well!

I am not really sure where I was coming from with the eyepatch, but I wanted this to be a full head to toe mog, and this head item matched well. My elf was luckier in that more helms actually looked good “turned on” with her, than with my Orc lady.

Warmill Mail Set

While I am not going to do a whole post about the Warmill set, I thought I would show you a pic of Krash wearing it, and show you which bow I paired it with.


So this is the mail Warmill set (minus the Helm cuz I don’t like it).  The cloak is actually not transmogged in this image, but it matches this set perfectly!  It is a drop in the new Highmaul raid called – Cloak of Creeping Necrosis.  The bow I am using here is the: Advanced Flatbow.   The season 1 PVP bow warlords of Draenor would also match this Warmill set pretty well. It is called the – Primal Combatant’s Longbow.

Thanks everyone for coming to see my new transmog!  I hope you liked it, but if you have any comments or ideas on how to improve it even more, I am all ears.


/kiss to you all!  😉

(shhhh I know it’s part of my Orc dance move… doesn’t she look cute? hah)

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