Eluvia’s Autumn Collection comes to an end

elu.close.1Today I will be presenting the last transmog that I put together for my main character. Eluvia and I have been together for eight years, and it is sad for me to let her go. I will not go into it too much here, but my husband and I moved to the USA about 6 months ago. As we still would like to raid and be involved with Azeroth, we have decided to play on the US region servers. As Blizzard do not offer transfers between regions, this means that we have started from scratch, but with a lot of knowledge backing us up this time!

Now enough about that and on to the transmog!  I am particularly proud of this one, and hope that you will all enjoy it too. This outfit was also one of the first times I properly used the add-on “MogIt!”. If you do not have it yet I highly recommend it. The Draenor items have not yet been added, but I read that there are plans to do so asap.

My thoughts behind this outfit were that I wanted something distinctly Hunter looking, and that I had a beautiful bow in my collection that I had not yet used in an outfit. As I started to put this together, I loved how the items looked as though they were a part of my story as a Hunter in Azeroth, and how the colours all seemed to meld together beautifully.

You will see that the Helm has pieces from a Shark and Stag/Talbuk type animal, the shoulders are Wolfy, the Belt Lizard and the boots Rhino.  I should mention that the shoulders and gloves used in this outfit are from the Pandaria Challenge Mode Dungeon Gold set, and so will only be available to those Hunters who completed it during Pandaria.

Helm: Sharkjaw Cap

Shoulders: Shoulderguards of the Howling Beast

Chest: Vicious Hawkstrider Hauberk

Shirt: Dark Silk Shirt

Hands: Grips of the Howling Beast

Waist: Nightflight Chain

Legs: Starstalker Legguards

Feet: Taldron’s Long Neglected Boots (10 man ICC)

Weapon: Siren’s Cry

Eluvia5 Eluvia4 Eluvia3 Eluvia2 Eluvia 1

I chose to take the first screenshots on the character select screen as the armour always looks a lot sharper there than in game. I hope you can see the look and feel I was going for.  I also chose this wolf as the pet which matches this outfit. I had tamed him in UBRS during patch 6.0 before WoD with the help of guildees, and he has a lovely brown coat. You can not find these wolves with this coat colour in the new Nagrand.


Here are some close up shots from within the game while I was having a thoughtful time in Ashran.


While questing in the spired of Arak I came across this room which matched the outfit’s colours, and so had to take a quick snap!


During the goodbye tours I am doing through Azeroth on my last couple of days on the EU server, I spent time in my beloved Darnassus, on my beloved Warsaber. I worked hard to get this beautiful war cat, and I will miss riding him.


There will be more to come on this blog from my new character on the US side. I now play an Orc Hunter called Karashka, on Thrall US and will have to come up with some new outfits for her, and other characters that are sure to follow!

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