Earthy Pandaren Monk by Zuiyu for Eluvia’s Autumn Collection

I have the pleasure of showing off another one of my friend’s mogs today. Zuiyu is a Pandaren Monk, who has chosen to emulate the image of a hardworking Pandaren (who is also a badass Monk) rather than a Shadopan.


Here he is showing off those moves I was mentioning earlier. (credit to Zuiyu himself for this screenshot).

The earthy tones give the character a really grounded feel, the straw hat is a possible nod to a hardworking past or present of the character, but the gemlike stones on the bracers and golden belt buckle hint at glory beneath the humble exterior.


A serene location for the “Photo shoot”. A place where this character would feel at home.


I wanted to show off the shoulder pad detail. I like to imagine that those claws might be removable to be thrown like knives. (yes yes, we all know he is not a rogue, but that would be sweet right?)


Here is the list of items used:

Head: Straw Hat  (This also exists in the cloth, mail and plate armour classes)

Shoulder: Mantle of Gnarled Overgrowth

Back: Farstrider Defender’s Cloak

Chest: Korloff’s Raiment

Wrist: Bracers of Simmering Fury

Hands: Troublesome Gloves

Belt: Green Belt of Hushed Wisdom (Monk only)

Legs: Leggings of the Empty Throne

Feet: Haal’eshi Boots

Weapon: Sword of the Falling Sky

There are many other weapons that you might want to combine with this look, but I decided to just list the ones that Zuiyu is currently using, and see what some of you out there come up with. I like the simplicity of this sword and so will not add a list of more elaborate looking ones.


Dancing Monk! credit: Zuiyu


Thanks to Zuiyu for showing off this transmog outfit!  I would love to see more Monk transmog ideas. Post some comments if you have something to share. Thanks for coming by Mogs by Murph3tte.

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