“Lunar Autumn” by Organic for Eluvia’s Autumn Collection

Would you like to know what one of my favourite things is about MMORPGs? Meeting new friends!  And today I would like to show off one of my friends and his beautiful new transmog.

Organic has a talent for putting together beautiful mogs, and I am sure I will ask him again in the future to model for me. We joked about how I should put together an Autumn collection, and so he shall be the first.

Organic outside his WInterspring home

Organic outside his WInterspring home

This transmog uses a lovely mixture of older and newer items, and have an Autumn/Winter feel about them which is perfect for this time of year. The colour combinations are a rare sight among Azerothians, and rather lovely together.



Head: Conqueror’s Nightsong Headpiece

Shoulder: Ravenwing Pauldrons

Chest: Tunic of the Nightwatcher

Shirt: Common Brown Shirt

Hands: Starlight Gauntlets

Waist: Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Waistband of Cruelty

Legs: Kilt of the Night Strider

Feet: Bonechewer Shredboots

Weapon: The Lifebinder

I really feel that the staff brings the whole outfit together. It incorporates all of the colours from the armour, and the darker orange along with the touch of the leaves that are so gently hanging on are just perfect to give impression of falling leaves in Autumn.

One of the first WoW personalities that this look also reminded me of was Malfurion. So, of course I had to take Organic to Darkshore to try and get a Malfurionesque picture.


Granted, the tip of the mountain kind of spoils it a little, but he looks rather powerful indeed!

Organic then had a little fun with an NPC in Winterspring, and I just thought I would share this weirdness for the fun of it!


I look forward to more looks from Organic, and cannot wait to show off some more friend mogs!

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