Memento Mori

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World of Warcraft has definitely got my interest again lately. While we were moving I was unable to play for a little over a month but now I am back with a renewed passion for the game.

After unlocking Argus this week I decided to keep working on all of my alts that are not yet level 110 so that I can get all of the class mounts. One of the characters I have been working on recently is my Warlock Memento. Now, the warlock class is never one that managed to grab my attention (sorry warlock mains!). The only reason I had one sitting and waiting for me at level 100, was because I leveled him from 1-100 in the Legion invasions before the launch of the Legion expansion.

Memento is my only male character, and he is rather dashing. I put together this transmog while leveling him and have been tinkering with it to make it all come together. I am so pleased with it that I thought I would share it with you all and give you something a little different from my usual mail Hunter styles.

I chose this robe first and then pulled all the other items he is wearing to compliment it. I fell in love with the colour scheme and detailing on this robe and was so excited to put something together that I think works very well. Notice the skulls on the robe placed on the lower skirt, and arms. I then chose a belt to further that theme as well as the colour scheme of the overall look. The shoulders have little Horde symbols in them which I love, and are spiked, complimenting weapon. There is even a skull on this scythe pulling together everything from head to toe.

The weapon above is the affliction artifact weapon, with the colour scheme chosen to match the outfit.

Item List:

Head: Hidden (I usually love head to toe transmogs, but I just could not hide his face, teehee).

Shoulders: Pauldrons of Catastrophic Emanation

Back: Cloak of the Royal Protector

Chest: Robes of the Umbral Brute

Hands: Meatmonger’s Gory Grips

Waist: Felsoul Cord

Feet: Felsoul Sandals


I thought I would show you the outfit with the other artifact weapons for the Warlock to show that this transmog can be easily used with all three specs and match beautifully. Here is the Demonology artifact.

And thirdly the destruction spec artifact weapon. This one incidentally has two base colour schemes that match this outfit. I was just feeling the purple tonight but the red is just as good. As you can see here Memento thinks it’s great.

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