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Last night I was able to complete the Warlords of Draenor Challenge Mode dungeons and claim this beautiful bow! OK, so I had some help from a really great group… and yes I paid them gold.  With the way my life is during this expansion I just did not have the time or patience to try and find or create a team to run these challenges the “proper” way, like I did with my Hunter and Druid on my EU account during Mists of Pandaria.  That was not going to get in my way though, and I had enough gold saved up from this expansion to pay nice people to take me along.

My next challenge came shortly after when it came time for me to put together an outfit that would match and or compliment this new bow. Hunter sets and armour in the game have extremely rarely been nature friendly. Let me explain. The challenge mode bow is literally alive. The vines along it writhe and move, the flowers open and close their petals, and butterflies flutter alongside it.  Hunter armour is usually very harsh. Spikes, dark colours even skulls.  I did think about the Hellfire Citadel set when I started making this outfit, but it would have just looked all very green and monochromatic and so I decided against that approach. That being said I do like that it is a Hunter set that looks most like leather and like something a ranger might wear in the wilds of Azeroth.  Instead I thought about the colours of the bow as a whole, and wondered if maybe I could try to match them. I think I have succeeded with this outfit in matching the bows colours in a simple and subtle manner. You can be the judge and leave me a comment below!



Item List:

Head: One-Eyed Chain Helm
Shoulders: Wild Combatant’s Chain Spaulders
Back: Wild Combatant’s Drape of Meditation
Chest: Wayfaring Tunic (base model)
Hands: Wayfaring Gloves (upgraded twice)
Waist: Wild Combatant’s Waistguard of Cruelty
Legs: Wayfaring Leggings (base model)
Feet: Primal Gladiator’s Footguards of Prowess
Weapon: Living Longbow


As you can see this outfit is a mixture of crafted and PvP items mostly, with the exception of the helm which I believe I received from a quest reward at some point. I had not used it in an outfit yet, and like the touch that it gives here. I love this idea of a hood that could feasible be pulled up when needed. A little word for my Alliance friends. The PvP items used may not be the exact same colours on your side.


I hope that you can see the subtle colour matches that I tried to achieve here. The chest piece has the red and green tones that can be found in the vines and flowers. The brown tones match the twig/branch parts of the bow and the blue is also found in the flowers. The butterflies are a lighter shade of blue but it still all melds together well.

I also wanted to show off the movement of the bow a little for those of you who may not have seen it within the game yet. I have created a little gif which shows the vines moving, the flowers closing and the butterflies fluttering about.

To round out this post I also would like to show you the outfit with images taken from the character selection screen, as the details are always crisper there.




Also I just wanted to write a little note and speculate with my fellow hunters. As in Legion Survival Hunters will be a melee class, do you think that the Challenge Mode Polearm would be available to us for transmog? A fun thought, and I think that makes trying to run these dungeons even more appealing.

If any of you have obtained your challenge mode dungeon weapons I would love to see what kind of outfits you have come up with!  Do leave me a comment below.

I also want to quickly thank Arianne who helped me with editing some of my ideas for this outfit when I was playing around with it, and Organic who as always was very supportive and excited to see this end result.

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