Sandpeople in Draenor! Eluvia blends in.

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Well that time came. I was an orc named Karashka for a while to ease myself into having left behind my EU account and starting from scratch in the US.  I told myself, playing an Orc would help me break free, and it did. But then, I missed being an elf. And so, I changed race, and am now happily elvish again, though shorter, and less blue than I was in the past, but I was able to “keep my name”.


While the transmog I had made for Krash (seen above) still looked pretty good on my new elvish frame, it looked decidedly cooler on the Orc because it was made for her. And so, my quest for a new transmog began.

I had been saving pieces of armour while leveling through Draenor, in the hopes of using them in future transmogs. I realised that some of the bits I had were had a very “ranger” feel about them which I liked for my hunter. I had also recently done some hunting in Northrend and come across some shoulders, that while they were made for a Shaman, I could not bring myself to sell as I had a nagging feeling they would come in handy sometime, and boy, did they ever!

I present to you what I like to call, Eluvia’s Sand person outfit. (For some reason it reminds me of the sand people in Star Wars. It probably has something to do with the helm and how the face is covered up, but no matter).

As I have mentioned in the past, I like to try and create head to toe outfits that include the helm and cape. These of course can be hidden at will, but I find that being able to create a whole look makes it feel more complete.


Here it is!  As my inspiration was the greenish armour I received while leveling, I went to a nice leafy area for the screenshots, so you can see how I feasibly could be well camouflaged if I chose to be. The helm, chest, legs and belt all belong to the same “set” if you will. I changed out the gloves and boots as I liked the way the leggings and sleeves were darkening near the bottom edges and wanted to follow that on. Also, these boots made me look lighter on my feet which would serve me well while tracking things through the woods and what not. Also it allowed the space around the calves on the legs which gives this outfit a look that would bend well, so crouching would be more comfortable. (Does it show that I really think about my outfits way too much? *smirk*)

I chose gloves that end at the wrist, so that the wristguards were visible as well, which I felt made sense for an archer. Wrist-guards rather than cumbersome gloves for extra speed.

Imagine my surprise while rummaging through my bank and void storage when I find these shoulders and realise that they perfectly match this outfit! (A lot nicer than the actual ones that would come with the “set”). And then on top of that, I have a matching cloak that brings the whole thing together!

Head: Ravenchain Helm
Shoulders: Imperfect Specimens 27 and 28
Back: Grace of Dionar
Chest: “Fireproof” Venture Co. Chainmail
Wrist: Bracers of the Crying Chorus
Hands: Kiraser’s Gloves of Precision
Waist: Ravenchain Belt
Legs: “Super Sterilized” Blastguard Leggings
Feet: Boots of the Perilous Seas
Weapon: Shield-Shatter Longbow
Wish Weapon: Arrowsong

Eluvia.close.USE.1 Eluvia.close.USE.2

Here are some closeups so that you can see the intricate detail of the armour pieces. I especially enjoy all the leather straps, and buckles which to me read “ranger”. Also, notive how the skulls on the shoulders are actually hollow as they would be, so you can see the sleeve armour on the arm.  These shoulder pieces also hold a surprise, which I did not notice until I had transmogged them. I had totally forgotten this detail from my Wrath days.


Ghost wolves!

You may have noticed on the item list, that I mentioned a wish weapon. The weapon I actually want to use with this outfit is Arrowsong, found in 25 man Naxx. I have been farming it for the last 4 weeks without any luck, and just could not wait to post this transmog any longer. I shall however show you how it would look with the weapon I desire with screenshots of my MogIt viewer.

Eluvia.mogit2 eluvia.mogit.1

All of the colours found in the outfit are found a gain in the bow. The glow on the shoulders is reflected in the glow of the center of the bow. The gold in the bow center, is also in the cloak and in the tongue of the skull shoulders. In my view, this weapon will be perfect, and I will keep trying to get it!

Please let me know what you think of this look. Have you tried to make a ranger style outfit for your hunter?

Until then I leave you with two images of a pseudo crouch that I was trying to get Eluvia to do, so that I could explain the leg gap more clearly. They ended up a bit comical so I will leave them here as a sort of blooper.

eluvia.crouch.1 eluvia.crouch.2

2 thoughts on “Sandpeople in Draenor! Eluvia blends in.

  1. Mishunadare

    Excellent set! I do have to say the new mog is better suited for a Belf, as opposed to the Karashka’s. (which suited wonderfully on an Orc)
    I’m not too sure if this Wish weapon is that much of an improvement to what you currently have, but it’s hard to judge from a still picture 🙂
    The leg gap made me frown a bit, but your explanation made me appreciate the thought behind it a lot. Even the crouch made sense 😛
    Great job, again!
    – Mish

  2. Eluvia

    Thanks Mish!
    I did have boots that covered the gap at first, but they did not sit right with me. I guess because of the reasons I mentioned above. Anyone wanting to recreate this could just use the “set” boots, or other dark ones like I had at first.
    It was a lot of fun to make this one! I will still try to get that bow 😉


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